Measuring & Reporting Curriculum Indicator Data

The first four files listed below present sample content maps with alignment measures for science and mathematics. Each file presents graphic descriptions of content presented in the form of topographic maps for three content descriptions: 1)description of content on the relevant NAEP assessment, 2) description of content for a state assessment, and 3) teacher reports of the instructional content taught to students.  Two measures of alignment (or level of agreement) are reported.  Alignment between instruction and the NAEP assessment, and alignment between instruction and the state assessment.

The survey instruments used to collect data for creating the content maps of instruction are listed below under Surveys of Instructional Content.

The surveys of classroom practices are sample instruments for collecting information on instructional activities, pedagogy, and teacher characteristics.

Examples of assessment to assessment measures (level of agreement between various state and NAEP assessements), as well as more information on how alignment is calculated and how the data on content was collected can be found in the link to the Alignment Paper presented and the 2000 Annual Meeting of AERA. A more in-depth discussion of analyses based on curriculum indicators is presented in the Chapter draft of Are Content Standards Being Implemented in the Classroom?

Links to previews of the SCASS Science Assessment Resource CD and the SEC web site are also listed below.

Sample Content Maps and Alignment Measures:

Elementary Mathematics

Elementary Science 

Middle School Mathematics

Middle School Science

Background on Measuring Alignment:

Alignment Paper (paper presented at the Annual Meeting of AERA, New Orleans, 2000)      

Chapter Draft (Are Content Standards Being Implemented in the Classroom; in Furhman (ed.), NSSE 2001 Yearbook)

Surveys of Instructional Content

Elementary Mathematics

Middle School Mathematics

High School Mathematics

Elementary Science

Middle School Science

High School Science

Surveys of Classroom Practices:       



SCASS Science Assessment Resource Compact Disk

SCASS - CD Preview 

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